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Sick, Safe, and Celebrating! - June 2018 Styles' Update

Updated: Sep 17, 2018

Hello my Dear Friend!

We are shifting from our bi-monthly e-mail updates to a blog platform.  Thank you for taking a journey with us!

Melanie and I have much to be thankful for and wanted to keep you up-to-date.  You are important to us.  Your prayers uphold us.  March was our last update, so here is the simplest summary of our lives.

Jonathan:  Jonathan was very sick in May and was hospitalized twice.  They checked him for diabetes, organ failure, ultrasounds for suspected growths in his inners, bloodwork and no clear answers were given.  We persevered in seeking help but some parts of life are a mystery.   They were challenging days but God was gracious with us and Jonathan is doing well and is active again.  His smile can light up a room!  Jonathan turned 4 in June and will begin Junior Kindergarten in the Fall.  Our general take-away?  Make the most of every day you have and thank God often for those moments!

David:  David is a character!  He is 2 1/2 years old and is learning quickly - including how to control his older brother!  He loves to read books with Mommy and Daddy, make new friends and his laughter fills the hallways of our house.  His most perfected phrase is, “I love you Mommy!” or “I love you Daddy!”  When Jonathan goes to school in the Fall, we suspect it will be very hard on David.  They love spending time together!

Melanie: Melanie has finished her school field placement with excellence and will complete her Masters of Social Work degree come early August.  She is very much enjoying her learnings and interactions!  Upon graduation, her next steps are uncertain, but she knows God has provided her this opportunity to learn and for that she is deeply grateful!  We continue to invest in weekly date nights wherever possible and so enjoy what each one of us is learning in our respective studies!   Please pray with us as we try to sort out the “next” chapter of our family life.

Phil: I am thoroughly enjoying how our Church Leadership is unifying around a sense of purpose and vision!  As one example, we had a First Nation pastor, Pastor Levi Beardy, preaching on Father’s Day and our ladies are presently rallying to bring in loads of gifts for a “Showers of Blessing” to the First Nations of Ontario on Saturday.  It deeply moves my heart to know that God loves ALL people and to be a part of a church that is putting prayers and elbow work into making it a reality is sweet to my soul!  This Sunday we celebrate Children and Sunday School.  I so long for my boys to fall in love with Jesus and to see that an active faith leads to life full and abundant (John 10:10)!  Who knows, this weekend one of the children may ask Jesus into their lives!  Oh, how I love to hear Heaven celebrating!  Thank you God for your Church!  She is beautiful!  This week I also completed my Doctor of Ministry Comprehensive examination for my thesis.  I got an “A”!  I’m not done my thesis work yet, but technically I can be called Rev. Dr. (cand.) Phil Styles.  But more importantly, a title that I cherish more than any other is “I am a child of God!” (1 John 3:1).  Amen?!

How is your family doing?  May we all make the most of every day, for life is precious.  We love you and value you!  Please stay in touch and drop us a line when you have a moment!  Thank you for your prayers of support!

In God’s service and yours,

Phil, Melanie, Jonathan, and David Styles


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