• Phil Styles

Salvation. School. And a Surgery.

Hello our Beloved Friends and Prayer Partners!

We want to stay connected with you and give you some highlights of our life since June. If you would be so kind as to continue praying for us, we would be most grateful! We deeply appreciate you!

At the Forster's Farm!

SALVATION! Melanie and I are over the moon excited to share that both Jonathan and David have asked Jesus into their hearts and lives! Jonathan took the step of faith on August 11, 2019 and David took his own step of faith on September 8, 2019. We are beyond thrilled! Every cell and nerve of our body is bursting with God's love! Nothing compares to it! Please pray for our boys as they grow and mature in the love of God! And shout out a "Yeah God!" with us!

SCHOOL! As Melanie took on her full work responsibilities this Fall at the Kawartha Lakes Pregnancy Centre as the Executive Director, we had to find day care support for David (3 years old). After a process of interviews, we were able to get him into a day care at the local Christian school - Heritage Christian School. David was excited! Jonathan started asking if he could go to the same school. By the grace of God, we were able to get a grant to make that possible. So now Jonathan, in Senior Kindergarten, and David, in Day School, get to play together after school in the Day Care until Melanie and I are done our work. We are very grateful! David still finds the good-byes hard at the start of the day, so we would value prayers for his tender soul to make good friends and to have the confidence that he is loved.

First day of Day Care (David) and SK (Jonathan)

Melanie at Work

AND A SURGERY: During the summer we enjoyed holidays at Camp Burbelac and wonderful times with family! But on Monday August 5th, Melanie and I were on a date when she said, "Take me to the hospital!" We would soon learn that she was having a gall bladder attack. After further tests and consultations, she is scheduled to have surgery on Monday, September 30. We know she'll be ok, but nonetheless, we would still value your prayers as Melanie and I balance health, ministry, and family!

There is so much more to share, but your time is precious to us! If you are ever in the area ask us about the church baptisms, or the church ministry outreach grant, or people hanging out at our home to talk about love and life, or Phil's studies, or our 22nd anniversary, or Phil's good diabetic news, or the success of our gardening experiments, or even about one of our prayer partners flying from India to spend a few days with our family! Lots of great stories! We imagine you must have several updates too and we want you to know we would be absolutely delighted and honoured to hear about your life also! Thanks for staying in touch!

Till we connect again near Christmas,

Love, Phil, Melanie, Jonathan, and David Styles


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