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3 Promising Updates that will make you Pray with Gratitude!

Hello Beloved Friends!

It's December 2019! Christmas Day is just around the corner, but you are our most important focus right now. You hold great value to us. We love you! Could you do us a favour? Would you pray for us? We know that many of you, as our beloved friends, have gone through challenges in life and we know you must be very close to God. We would value your intercession. Here are three Styles' family updates:

Jan 2017 - Dad & Mom Styles on Left; Dad and Mom Forster on Right

1. We love our Parents! Melanie and I recently watched the Mr. Roger movie, "A Beautiful Day in the Neighbourhood" and one moment captivated me. Mr. Roger's character, played by Tom Hanks, asked the man sitting across from him in a restaurant, to take a minute and silently reflect on who loved him into being. He invited him to be still and consider the people who helped him become who he is. The movie dramatized how everyone in the restaurant became still and the camera panned their faces and you could tell it was a meaningful moment. I, Phil, participated and was again reminded of my great gratitude for our parents, my in-laws, and spiritual mentors who have assisted us in becoming who we are today. Your face even flashed through my mind. You have no idea how much your prayers mean to us! Thank you. I was wondering if you would be so kind as to pray with us for our parents? A 3 word prayer would help so much... "Thank you, God."

2. We love our Calling! Melanie and I are so blessed to be part of God's history in Lindsay, Ontario. Melanie's ministry at the Kawartha Lakes Pregnancy Centre is growing and expanding in its ministry and impact. Phil's ministry at Cambridge Street Baptist Church is also entering new opportunities to share God's love with all people. If you would be so kind, could you pray for Melanie's ministry as they increase their hours to be open in the morning and in the afternoon? She sure would appreciate your support and God's favour! That would be wonderful! Phil could also use some prayer as the Church is beginning to interview potential staff for a "Music and Outreach" position. Can you imagine how wonderful some of our future updates may be if people are discovering that they are loved by God?! A 3 word prayer comes to my mind, "Thank you, God!"

Forster Christmas 2019

3. We love our Boys! We are biased, but we believe we have two wonderful, amazing, gifts of God with the names Jonathan and David! Oh, my heart overflows with love for their tender moments. Today at church, Jonathan donated a large 10" tricolour poinsettia because he wanted people in the church to be happy by its beautiful colours! Then, during the children's moment, I asked the group of children why we put angels on Christmas trees. David raised his hand, and in his cute 3 year old voice said, "The angels want to celebrate Jesus' birthday!" I had a Daddy moment, and spontaneously a prayer was whispered from my heart, "Thank you God!" On a more intimate note, in early November Melanie had a miscarriage of a child who was just over 8 weeks. This isn't our first miscarriage, and the boys often talk about their brothers and/or sisters in Heaven who are eagerly waiting for us so we can play together. Would you mind praying for our family? Our boys and the yet to be seen siblings? Again, an appropriate prayer could be, "Thank you God!"

We love you! From our family to yours, we send Christmas blessings of hope, peace, joy, and love in Jesus' Name! You are strong on the inside. We value your intercession for and with us!

Merry Christmas and Happy New year!

Love, Phil, Melanie, Jonathan, & David Styles

Lindsay, Ontario Canada


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